Green Tractor Sales is Fake

If you have landed on this page, you have been searching for tractors and have probably encountered the website

Green Tractor Sales is fake. It is a website that defrauds people.

This fraudulent site is using the legitimate name Green Tractor LLC, through a form of identity theft called cyber-squatting.

The Green Tractor Sales website offers tractors, farm equipment, and heavy machinery for sale with descriptions and pictures that are lifted from other websites There is also a picture of what is supposed to be their tractor sales lot, lifted from an actual lot in Ohio. If you look at the current address listed on the site, 3999 Lakeshore Road Buffalo, New York 14219, via Google Satellite, you will not find any tractors there.

You will also find that, there are some unusual references and wording on the site. On the “contact” page the scam website says to “leave a message on the answerphone.” People in the United States do not refer to an answering machine or voice mail as an “answerphone.”

Interested buyers are directed to provide personal identification and are then given wire instructions to an account at Community Federal Savings Bank in New York City.

Do not provide personal information or wire any money to these people.

So far, we know of two people who have lost $10,000 each.

To verify this information, please contact your local Better Business Bureau or call the Amherst, New York Chamber of Commerce at 716-632-6905.

There is a national alert on this scam through the Better Business Bureau.

If you have experienced a financial loss due to an Internet-related scam please contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)  The IC3 is the established entity that collects/aggregates complaint data and then sends it to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Once again, is a scam.